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R O M E 

15" x 30" 

acrylic on canvas

Rome was not built in a day and the cuisine has been created over centuries. Who in the world does not like pizza. Here you are sitting down at a table, draped with the famous checkered tablecloth, enjoying a pizza and of course you can use the parmesan cheese from the famous shaker. By having this painting in your home, office or space, you could be dining in Rome.


N E W  Y O R K   C I T Y 

15" x 30" 

acrylic on canvas

The famous fruit and vegetable markets adorn many New York City sidewalks, day and night. You can meet your fellow New Yorkers here.  The stands light up the sidewalks at night making for a theatrical scene. You could be enjoying the colorful 

fruits and vegetables and be a part of this New York City scene, by having this painting in your home, office or space.


24" x 18" 
acrylic on canvas

The glorious Tulips, colors, Windmills and canals are everywhere in Amsterdam and surroundings. The Dutch traditions are a part of the fabric of the Netherlands and are a part of daily life. You could be strolling alongside the peaceful canals and admiring the colorful Tulips, by having this painting in your home, office or space.

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