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N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y  S U B W A Y
13" x 31" 
silkscreen on paper (framed)

The New York Subway is the underground heartbeat that makes the city run. The  colorful cars were introduced in the 70's and were eye opening after having drab cars for years. Now you can take a ride through New York City by having this silkscreen print in your home, office or space. 


P A P E E T E 
19" x 25" 
silkscreen on paper (framed)

Tahiti's main city has an energetic, island pulse. Papeete is a tropical blend of smells, colors, tastes and the blue ocean. Its' a breath of paradise which you can have with this silkscreen in your home, office or space. 



16" x 20" 

acrylic on canvas 

Siena's main Cathedral s simply breathtaking. From the beautifully designed floors, to the graphic black and white stripped columns, to the golden dotted ceiling and motifs. You to can visit this stunning place by owning painting for your home, office or space.

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