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K A U A I 

15" x 30" 

acrylic on canvas

You can almost hear the crescendoing sounds of the waterfall that are all over Kauai, in this painting. The water flowing is so relaxing, refreshing and beautiful. It is truly a breathtaking site. You can hear the sounds and sights of these waterfalls by having this painting in your home, office or space. 


H O N G  K O N G 

15" x 30" 

acrylic on canvas

Several cities are known for their skyscrapers. The density of the buildings, reaching up for the sky in Hong Kong is well known. Waiting for, and riding in an elevator is a way of life there any time of the day or night. If you like skyscrapers then you will love having the Hong Kong elevator experience by having this painting in your home, office or space. 


24" x 36" 
acrylic on canvas

On an any given evening, on the sidewalks, in the shops, in the cafe's and even in the Metro you will find glamour, elegance, style and sophistication in Paris. Catch the excitement, mood and lights when you own this painting in your home, office or space. 

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